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Krav Maga of Orange County, Founded in 1992

Over 20 years ago Darren Levine, Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Worldwide asked his senior students/instructors Mitch Markowitz and Mike Leifer to start a program in Orange County. They followed that direction and established Krav Maga of Orange County (KMOC). KMOC has been providing quality training in Southern California since 1992 and has taught thousands of students throughout Orange County. The KMOC instructor staff has over 150 years of combined teaching experience in Krav Maga and our program is the only one with 7 - Black Belt Level Instructors in the County. Our mission is to provide the highest level of training to our students by teaching the most current techniques for real life situations and field scenarios.

Krav Maga Official Training Center

Krav Maga of Orange County centers are the ONLY officially certified locations for Adult and Youth/Kids training in the county by Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW).

Start Training Now

Students enroll in a monthly membership program and can attend classes at either of our locations. We offer Krav Maga (for adults and kids) and Kickboxing. The membership fee is based on which classes you plan to attend. Please stop by one of our locations during scheduled class times to checkout them out discuss membership with an instructor.

View our full schedule of classes.

Training attire consists of workout clothes and tennis shoes. Optional safety equipment includes mouth piece, shin guards, wrist wraps, athletic supporter, gloves and head gear.

In general, students who are new to Krav Maga and have tested and passed their first belt test or who have trained with us for at least 16 weeks are welcomed to begin attending the intermediate class we offer.

Your membership allows you to attend as many of the classes you'd like for the programs you've enrolled in. You can attend either of our locations and multiple classes per evening if your training/belt level allows.

Belt testing occurs periodically. Testing is not required but attending the belt testing workshops is highly recommended for all students as it is an excellent day of training.

Krav Levels

Belts or levels are not emphasized in the system. However, the real test is knowing the Krav Maga techniques well enough to perform them successfully on the street - when needed. In the classroom, there are 5 levels defined to help the instructors better organize the various techniques and to effectively teach them to all students.

Here at Krav Maga of Orange County we are certified to teach all 5 Levels:

Krav Maga Level 1: This level is designed for all new Krav Maga students and will cover Yellow Belt techniques. The goal of this level is to teach the basics of self-defense and fighting, including fighting stance and movement, various punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. The student will also learn techniques from both a standing position, as well as, from on the ground and be able to defend against chokes, headlocks and wrist grabs.

Krav Maga Level 2: In this intermediate level, students will learn new Orange Belt techniques, in addition to reviewing and improving their Krav Maga Level 1 skills. More advanced techniques such as defenses with simultaneous counterattacks, bear hugs, and ground threats will also be learned.

Krav Maga Level 3: In this intermediate level, students will learn Green Belt techniques that reinforce and enhance techniques learned in the previous levels. Additional training focus is given to develop proficient defenses against some of the more common attacks such as punch and kick combinations, hair grabs, and more threats from the ground or from behind.

Krav Maga Level 4: This level is for students interested in more advanced training, emphasizing Blue Belt techniques. The curriculum includes additional punches and kicks, more defenses against aggressive attacks, and defenses against common weapons.

Krav Maga Level 5: This level is for students interested in more advanced training, emphasizing Brown/Black Belt techniques. The curriculum includes additional punches and kicks, more defenses focused training on developing effective tactical defenses against aggressive sticks, knife, and gun attacks.

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