Corporate Self-Defense Seminars

Self-Defense Training for Your Office Staff

Corporate Self-Defense Training

Krav Maga of Orange County can provide self-defense training to your office staff. If you have employees who travel abroad, work odd hours, or are exposed to situations where they may need to know how to defend themselves, this program will provide the training they need to stay safe. Whether you're looking to host a team building event or training to address specific concerns, we can put together a program that meets your needs.

Available Topics:

  • General Self-Defense
  • Self-Defense/Rape Prevention for Women
  • Active Shooter Mitigation
  • Anti-Abduction
  • Anti-Carjacking
  • Custom Training
  • Many others...

Krav Maga is a reality-based self-defense system designed to be easy to learn allowing your staff to become proficient in a relatively short amount of time.

Give us a call at 949.333.0736 or email to discuss putting together a program for your office.

Corporate Self-Defense Training

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