Concealed Carry Self-Defense

Defensive Tactics Training for Gun Enthusiasts and Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Concealed Carry Self-Defense Program Details

Obtaining a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit or a weapon for personal protection is just part of a well-rounded personal defense preparedness strategy. A typical conflict scenario starts empty handed and only transitions to higher force options when necessary. It is important to have "hand to hand" self-defense skills and training on how to safely tranisition to your CCW to round out your defensive tactics skill set. Krav Maga of Orange County has developed a training program that integrates essential open handed self-defense skills with the defensive tactics needed when higher force is the only option.

This is not a “live fire” class. Only training guns will be allowed on the training floor. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

This course is taught by the most experienced and qualified instructors in Orange County with credentials including:

  • Advanced Krav Maga Self-Defense Instructor Certification
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Force Training Instructor Certification
  • NRA Pistol Instructor Certification
  • Israeli Defense Forces Service


Training begins with a focus on basic stances, footwork, and strikes, then transitions the student from unarmed “hand to hand” self-defense utilizing Krav Maga techniques to higher level, armed responses with a handgun. This is a great course for firearms enthusiasts including CCW holders to learn to the basics of fighting to access their sidearm or for martial arts students interested in learning how to effectively incorporate a sidearm into their self-defense strategy.

KMOC's Concealed Carry Self-Defense curriculum covers several topics including:

  • Combatives - empty handed strikes, kicks, knees and elbows
  • Basic Self-Defense Tactics
  • Earning the Draw - making space or creating the time for you to draw your weapon effectively and be able to get a reliable & safe shot off
  • Weapon Retention (in the holster, out of the holster, standing and on the ground)
  • Defenses Against Armed Threats (handgun, edged weapons, blunt weapons)
  • Ground Fighting and Tactics for CCW Holders

Why Krav Maga for CCW Holders?

According to law enforcement instructors who have undergone Krav Maga training, the most important and striking characteristics of the system are:

  • Retention of Training - Because the system is based upon common principles and natural/instinctive movements, students retain Krav Maga techniques with minimal review and practice.
  • Practical Techniques - Krav Maga emphasizes effectiveness and simplicity. This street system provides realistic defenses against a variety of aggressive attacks, whether the assailant is armed or unarmed.
  • Performance Under Stress - Krav Maga’s unique, reality-based training is designed to improve the student’s emotional and physical response to danger. These methods develop the ability to recognize danger at the earliest stages, react without hesitation, and escalate and de-escalate with the appropriate level(s) of force.
  • Use-of-Force Issues - Krav Maga enables students to deal with the most violent offenders they encounter, while remaining acutely aware of reasonable use-of-force and civil liability issues facing armed civilians with a weapon such as a handgun.

Who Can Participate

This program is open to the general public and is designed for gun enthusiasts, current CCW holders or those looking to pursue a CCW in the near future. Krav Maga OC members can participate at a discounted rate. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at 949.333.0736 or email

Concealed Carry defensive tactics training

Concealed Carry defensive tactics training

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