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I cannot stop ranting about KRAV MAGA. I was nearly abducted a few months ago in broad day light and I wasted no time enrolling in a self defense course for my own safety. My first stop was Krav Maga and I have never been so empowered.

The first seminar I went to was all women and I learned some basics, but then I was hooked. I started attending class 2x a week with a mix of both men and women, and with an instructor who is loud, explosive and intimidating I love it.

Krav is training me well and suddenly the Loud is the norm and I will not let it throw me off in public. The Explosive becomes second nature and the Intimidating becomes nothing less then an obstacle I need to get through.

If it comes down to safety I am confident now that I will be able to ward off any attacker so I recommend Krav Maga to every single person I know. I have and will continue to practice and given the chance may even pursue a belt. I want to say thank you to Mitch Markowitz for introducing me Yuri Boiarsky for encouraging me and Doug Farmer for teaching me.

Thank you again

Donna S San Clemente, CA

My Husband has always wanted to try Krav Maga. I found KMOC on the Internet. We watched 2 classes and thought... WOW this looks exciting and got classes for Mikes 60th b-day. Mike started first in Nov, me in Dec after a surgery. With the health issues we have / had i.e. back surgeries, arthritis etc...we are feeling much better and stronger health wise, along with losing some Lbs!

We are in Level 1 classes but the great thing is that you can switch it up and learn from different instructors and styles. The better news is that all instructors are experienced, patient, helpful and very attentive to individuals needs, not push / go at your own pace if needed. The self-defense and fitness is amazing!

We are so excited to have found something we can do together and looking to go for our fist belt here soon! We recommend Krav Maga OC - MV to anyone who is looking for something new, so come on by and check it out! Thank you guys for everything!

Lisa M Lake Forest, CA

I started with Krav Maga OC May 2012 and it has been amazing. Krav was brought to my attention by a business associate from Israel. I looked into it and found that Krav Maga OC had some of the most experienced instructors around. I started with private lessons with Mitch and I was really impressed. I kept the private lessons going and also signed up for the classes. In less than a year I have lost nearly 90lbs and the program has made a huge impact to my life!! The instructors are all great and they each have slightly different styles so its easy to find a style that fits you. It has now become a lifestyle for me. I would strongly recommend you give them a try it has something for everyone from fitness to extremely efficient self defense techniques. What ever your level of fitness, big or small it will work for you!

Brian R Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Krav Maga of Orange County" has excellent and dedicated instructors with most of them at brown belt or black belt level. All instructors are certified. They constantly monitor student's proper technique for each exercise. They give very good examples of techniques including the proper way to hold the pads for each exercise.

"Krav Maga of Orange County" is a great place to learn self-defense. Everyone, from the top instructors on down, are very friendly and the upper belts help the lower belts to improve using proper techniques. In addition, they offer great additional seminars which my wife and I have attended. They also offer kick boxing and other events.

My wife and I are both in training at "Krav Maga of Orange County" and find it a great activity to do together. It is also a great workout each week and keeps us in great shape.

If you want the "Real Thing" this is it. Check out the bios of the instructors and you will be impressed.

Joel W Yorba Linda, CA

I have practiced Martial Arts most of my life and have a background in Law Enforcement and I can assure you Krav Maga of Orange County is a great place to learn the true art of self-defense. They not only teach you simple, effective moves to protect yourself, they also train you how to be aware and have a self-defense mind set. This is not a sport; it's how to survive on the street.

It is great for adults as well as children. My son recently started the Krav Maga kids program. He is learning to stay safe and protect himself, all while keeping fit and having fun with other kids.

The confirmation of how effective the training is happened the other day. My son had a minor altercation with two older, bigger bullies. My son made it out unharmed. What made me feel relieved and proud was when he said while it was happening, he was thinking of his Krav Maga training. He remembered to look strong and unafraid. He also was planning what to do if things got worse. Luckily they did not. Bottom line, he didn't panic.....he kept thinking.

So for teaching my son self-defense skills and the confidence that comes with it, thank you to the great instructors at Krav Maga O.C.

Dave M Mission Viejo, CA

I have been taking Krav Maga for about one year. It has given me a lot of self confidence, in part, because I am shorter in stature and a heck of a lot older than any of the people in my Krav Maga classes. One never expects to use Krav Maga, but I travel upwards of 200,000 air miles each year for business and there is always a risk to one's self in some of the cities I go to. I always try to take precautions and be aware of my surroundings. Recently I was at the airport in Rome, Italy. I got into a situation over an unfair taxi fare that quickly went bad. It was very early in the morning and there were almost no people on the sidewalk in front of the terminal and no police. The taxi driver threw a punch at me with his right fist. Without thinking (pure reflex due to Krav Maga training), I blocked the punch with my left and hit him hard in the face with a right hook. I "escaped" into the terminal and the attacker got in his car and left. I was not looking for a fight but was ready to respond. I can only surmise the outcome would not have been good for me if I wasn't a student of Krav Maga of Orange County

Jim S Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I've been going for 5 1/2 years for a reason--it's a great place to learn Krav Maga! Not only are there 6 black belt instructors (4 with over 20yrs experience), each one of them brings a passion to the mat!

The goal of KM is to teach a person self defense "so that one may walk in peace," as the motto goes. KMOC ensures that's met with classes 5x a week (Monday through Thursday and Saturday) and special seminars like women's self-defense and specialty courses that focus on knife or gun attacks.

My job as an Account Executive has given me the privilege of traveling all across the U.S. and while doing so, I have visited many KM training facilities all across the country. I have found KMOC unique because they are not afraid about being open to new techniques taught across the various Krav Maga schools. Neither are they afraid to have outside instructors come in to teach; in fact, they embrace other schools and encourage them to come and instruct! I didn't realize this was not the norm until I visited other centers.

If you're looking for a no-nonsense course then yes, I highly recommend these guys!!!

Stephan S La Jolla, CA

From the first day 2 and half years ago that my son and I started Krav Maga, we knew that we had picked the best Krav Maga studio in OC. Having 4 black belt instructors with over 100 years of experience provides an amazing environment for learning. In addition, the other instructors, Paul, Mike, Jim and Eric provide valuable additional training. On top of the great classes, the team brings in seminars run by internationally experts on topics like third party protection, gun and knife defense and FAST. Check out the Facebook page for Krav Maga of OC if you are not familiar with FAST. Wow, what a great experience. I am sure it will save my life one day. If you are looking for a great self defense program without all the forms and formalities of traditional martial arts, then Krav Maga of OC is your place to learn. Finally, the additional programs made available to students (crossfit, boxing, kick boxing) allow you to expand your abilities. Come take a class. You WILL love it.

Rob S Mission Viejo, CA

I love Krav Maga of Orange County. I've been training there for 2 years, and the change is incredible. Krav makes you physically and mentally stronger and it translates to all parts of life...work, home, the street. Stenciled on the walls are phrases like, "It's always too early to quit" and "The only easy day was yesterday." That's true for everything, and training here has made a huge difference. The instructors are awesome -- everyone is so experienced and dedicated. They know how to push and challenge students in a safe way. I also really like the variety and intensity of the classes. No two classes are alike and everyone always leaves smiling and sweating. This studio attracts all types of students -- men, women, teenagers, older and younger. Everyone feels welcome and it's cool to be part of this community. Thank you KMOC!!

Ronnie R Mission Viejo, CA

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