KM-X Kids Program

Krav Maga's kids program is called km-X

What is km-X?

km-X is a dynamic program that instructs students in realistic self defense, motivates them to improve their overall level of fitness & enriches them with crucial life skills so that they can become CHAMPIONS in all aspects of their life.

Our goal is for the students to realize that becoming a successful and accomplished person, a true CHAMPION, takes hard work and dedication. Respect, discipline, focus, sportsmanship, teamwork, manners and common sense are just some of the life skills carefully woven into the km-X curriculum.

km-X is creative, thoughtful and custom designed so that students can see their progress and be proud of their growth. The km-X program has a complete belt system, as well as a unique patch system to reward their accomplishments.

Through this training program, the km-X instructors will educate your child about the importance of:

  • Learning personal safety
  • Address physical and verbal bulling
  • Making their bodies powerful
  • Enriching their minds
  • Building strong character
  • Creating rewarding experiences

Why take Krav Maga instead of a traditional martial art?

Krav Maga is not a sport or a martial art. It is a system of self-defense. It will teach your child how to identify dangerous situations and how to either avoid them or how to act. The program will teach real life self defense, build your child’s confidence in decision making,deal with physical and verbal bulling, help him/her get into good physical shape, and best of all he/she will have fun.

Does Krav Maga advocate fighting?

km-X focuses on self defense. We consistently stress the differences between being offensive and being defensive. Our students understand that fighting is not allowed under any circumstances. Students who break these rules will not be permitted to train in this program. Fighting commonly stems from insecurities, a desire to prove something and often serves as an outlet for aggression. With the confidence we inspire in our students, and the physical challenges we provide in class, it is highly unlikely that any of our students would participate in confrontational behavior.

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Abduction training

We offer specialized seminars that covers the following subjects:

  • The Anti-Bully section:
    • Dealing with common playground altercations
    • How to handle name calling and teasing
    • Verbal skills to prevent an altercation from becoming physical
    • Simple self defense skills should an altercation become unavoidable
  • The Anti-Abduction section:
    • Safety around strangers and dangerous adults
    • Getting lost (safety checklist, names, address, phone number)
    • Abduction awareness, detection, and avoidance
    • How to physically break away and escape the grasp of a would be abductor

In our KM-X courses, your child will be safely put into adrenalin mode and coached through mock, mildly threatening scenarios. Your child will learn verbal and body language skills that can prevent an attack as well as defenses against physical threats. To heighten the realism and adrenal response, your child will practice their self-defense techniques using full-contact against heavily padded "bulletman" assailants. And within the course of the seminar, these practical reactions to varying levels of modern threats will become ingrained into your child's psyche and become automatic reactions

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KM-X - Kids Program

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Testimonial (names redacted):

I wanted to share with you how the program has instilled confidence and strength in (our daughter).

She is now in 7th grade and has loved middle school. Today she told me about a situation she witnessed. A boy who has bothered her by calling her terrible names was pushing and shoving another girl. (Our daughter) told us that she didn't feel right about it and told him to stop! The girl cowered and said it's ok, it's not as bad as last year. (Our daughter) said to them this is never ok. Stop now. His only response was to call her all kinds of terrible names but she didn't back down. The situation ended. (Our daughter) has the confidence to handle these situations...amazing! As her mom, I am so grateful for your program. Both of our kids are confident and never afraid to defend.

(Our son) has defended kids at soccer against much bigger bullies. Those kids didn't have the skills to speak up. (Our son), who is much, much smaller than the aggressor, has those skills and stopped the situation. The victims mom cried when she told me that (our son) is the first person to stick up for her child and stop that particular kid from intimidating her son.

Both (my husband) and I hope they get volleyball and soccer out of their systems so we can get them back to Krav! Thank you and all of the instructors who prepared them to be strong, not intimidated by bullies and capable!

We are grateful!

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