Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Personal training to improve self-defense and fighting skills

Krav Maga of Orange County offers private and semi-private lessons. Private lessons are specifically tailored to your meet your needs, situation, and schedule. This program takes into account that traditional Krav Maga classes are not for everybody. With our program, we can offer personalized instruction allowing you to learn Krav Maga at times convenient to you. Private training allows instructors to work directly with you to help you rapidly achieve your goals.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to get the additional, individual attention to accelerate your progress and take your training to the next level. Private Lessons are offered for students who wish to experience the power of one-on-one instruction. These classes are scheduled around the student's availability and consequently, are perfect for students who are having a difficult time attending the group classes. During your private lesson you will be working on material which you need the most help with under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable instructor.

What are the advantages of Private Lessons at Krav Maga of Orange County?

  • Achieve belt rank in a private setting suitable to your busy schedule.
  • Prefer not to train in a group setting.
  • Move ahead at a quicker pace.
  • One-on-one personal instruction.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Flexible and customized training programs.
  • Flexible schedules. You decide when you train by making your own appointments.

Semi-Private Lessons

Designed for groups of 2-4 people, semi-private lessons are appropriate for all ages and Krav Maga levels. Call for details about larger groups. Semi-private lessons are also available by appointment and are a cost effective way to reap the benefits of personal training. With a semi-private lesson, you still receive the same benefits of a private session and can train with a friend, child or spouse. If you're apprehensive about joining a group class or simply can't fit it into your busy schedule, semi-private lessons may be right for you. Personal attention, motivation, and new challenges are only some of the advantages of semi-private lessons. You can form your own group, or let us match you with others that have compatible Krav Maga levels and goals.

Whether you are looking for a more personalized Krav Maga education, your job or other commitments preventing you from attending our group classes, or you just need a little extra help, our private Krav Maga classes might be for you.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

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